The All-in-One Sales CRM to Streamline Your Business

Manage sales pipeline and all your sales activities from one comprehensive platform. Close more deals and grow your business faster with Zenys Sales CRM.

  • 30 days free trial. No credit card required
  • Prices starting at $8/ month

One Tool for Pre-Sales and Post Sales Activities

Simplify your sales management processes starting from capturing leads to collecting payments from customers.

Manage Sales Processes Effortlessly

Define multiple sales pipelines and stages as per your business process and save time with automations. Add products to sales opportunities, generate quotations and invoices and share automatically to customers.

Manage Sales Pipeline

Get an instant view of all your deals in the pipeline. Drag and drop the sales to the appropriate stages as they progress.

Client Communication

Connect your Gmail account to send emails & schedule meetings. Make calls from the CRM and track them through call logs and recordings.

Customizable Sales Pipeline

Customize the CRM the way you want. Also, add and edit the sales stages and other custom fields as per your business needs.

360-Degree View of Deals

Access the details of every deal from one place. View the contact details, tasks, important documents, emails and more associated with each deal.

Activity Reminders

Schedule tasks, meetings, follow-ups and calls and get reminders and notifications on time. Ensure productive work within your team.

Team Collaboration

Control who gets to access what. Your team members will get alerts on their assigned tasks, so no more missing out on important work.

Automate Sales Process

Automate routine tasks in your sales process. Set tasks as well as follow-ups and assign them to your team members automatically.

Invoicing and Collection

Create documents like invoices, quotation and estimates with your custom branding. Share with your customers and collect payments.


See how your sales are progressing through custom reports. Quickly find the data you are looking for by building your own dashboard.

Capture and Convert Leads Faster

Create leads and prioritize them for easy tracking. Segregate the leads based on custom criteria and filter the list however you want. Engage with them through built-in telephony,  send automated SMSs as well as email sequences using templated emails and convert them faster.

Customer Management Simplified

Get a complete overview of your contact including the contact details, associated sales & support activities, follow-up calls, emails, attachments as well as the current customer stage.

Invoicing, Online Payments & Expense Tracking

Easily create Invoices from Quotations, share with customers

Create Quotations & Invoices

Add products with pricing, units and discounts to a sale opportunity and create Quotations and Invoices in seconds.

Apply your branding to print layouts and share sales documents with customers via email or customer portal.

Connect to your Favourite  Tools


Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your Gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.


Trigger emails

Send email to your contacts as a response to specific events.

Send messages

Sends messages and notifications using the MessageBird Conversations API.

Email marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns.


Create subscriptions, share invoices and collect payments using Stripe


Create and share payment links, subscription plans and collect online payments from customers

Find the right plan for your business


1. What is CRM ?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is a platform that is used by organizations to manage their customer relationship and sales processes.

2. Why do I need a sales CRM ?

It is essential for every business, small or big, to use a CRM in order to streamline their business processes. A CRM lets you manage your customer relationships, and sales processes effortlessly. Here are some reasons to use a CRM in brief.

3. Is Zenys a customizable sales CRM ?

Yes. Zenys is a customizable sales CRM. You can customize the CRM however you like based on your organization’s requirements.

4. Does Zenys sales CRM help my team work better together?

Zenys’ activity tracking features enable you to coordinate with your team more easily. You can assign contacts, and sales to your team members, create tasks follow-ups and assign them to the appropriate staff.

6.Is this CRM software on-premise CRM or cloud based CRM?

Zenys CRM is a Cloud Based CRM. You can have access to it anywhere, anytime.

7. Is this CRM system easy to adopt?

Yes. Our CRM is very easy to adopt as well as has a very simple user layout.

8. Is your CRM tool accessible to your field staff?

Yes. Our CRM system is accessible to our field staff.

9. How easy is it to migrate your existing data?

If you have existing data, migrating them to our CRM software is very easy and you never need to worry about it .

9. Does it offer a free trial?

Yes. Zenys offers a 30 day free trial period. Using the free package you can add 10 contacts/sales as well as create 5 Quotes/Estimates and 2 Invoices per month.