Top 10 Bulk SMS Providers in India( 2022 Update)

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There are over 748 million mobile users in India and on average adult Indians spend 22 hours of their whole week texting. That’s why bulk SMS marketing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to reach customers. Even consumers are more open to exchanging text messages with a company than a phone call. 

If you are looking for the best software to start your SMS marketing strategies, you’ve come to the right place. There are many paid and free bulk SMS providers in India. Choosing from them can be a little tricky. So, here we have compiled a list of the top 10 bulk SMS senders in India with their pricing details. 

Before we begin, here is a pricing comparison of the bulk SMS software.

SMS Providers in India

2. 2Factor

2factor Bulk SMS Provider

2Factor is one of the best  OTP and bulk SMS providers in India. It features a pay per delivery OTP and provides APIs for bulk SMS campaigns, OTP verification, Voice OTP,  transactional and promotional SMS. The estimated delivery time of OTP is 2-6 seconds and is featured at a pricing option of pay per delivery.


  • SMS OTP: ₹0.165 per OTP
  • Voice OTP:  ₹0.34 per OTP
  • Transactional SMS – ₹0.16 per SMS
  • Promotional SMS – ₹0.13 per SMS

2. BhashSMS

bhashsms Bulk SMS Provider

BhashSMS bulk SMS provider lets users send bulk SMS to multiple users at cheap rates. It has a very user-friendly interface and is accessible on laptops, desktops and mobile phones. It provides powerful API variations across transactional and promotional SMS.


  • Silver Package (for 10,000 messages): ₹1.5K
  • Gold Package (for 1,00,000 messages): ₹9K
  • Platinum Package (for 5,00,000 messages): ₹40K 

3. Digimiles

digimiles Bulk SMS Provider

Digimiles bulk SMS marketing software is a good choice for marketers as it allows them to upload contacts, schedule and send SMS to them and track SMS campaigns. It offers APIs to send transactional SMS and one-time password. Digimiles also has a cool feature to send personalized messages.


  • 1,000 SMS: ₹300 + 18% GST
  • 5,000 SMS: ₹1,375 + 18% GST
  • 10,000 SMS: ₹2,750 + 18% GST
  • 25,000 SMS: ₹5,625 + 18% GST
  • 50,000 SMS: ₹9,250 + 18% GST
  • 100,000 SMS: ₹17,000 + 18% GST

4. Fast2SMS


Fast2SMS is a bulk SMS software that features DLT SMS, Promotional, Marketing, OTP & API SMS. You can import bulk contacts from Excel files, send bulk SMS and schedule text messages and get reminders. By signing up to FastSMS, you can also send free bulk SMS using the free trial.


  • Free Trial: ₹50 Credit After Signup
  • 10 to 399 amount- ₹ 0.20 per SMS
  • 4000  to 7999 amount: ₹ 0.18 per SMS
  • 8000 to 13999 amount:₹ 0.16 per SMS
  • 14000 or more amount: ₹ 0.14 per SMS

5. Gupshup

gupshup Bulk SMS Provider

Gupshup is one of the top bulk SMS providers in India. It is a conversational bulk message service platform that helps users interact with customers across 30+ messaging channels including SMS, Whatsapp business, RCS, and GMS with a single API. It offers advanced APIs for SMS, Voice, Email, IP messaging, chatbots etc.


  • 25000 Messages –₹4750
  • 50000 Messages – ₹8000
  • 100000 Messages – ₹14000
  • 500000 Messages – ₹ 6750

6.  Kaleyra


Kaleyra is a bulk SMS provider in India that provides multichannel communication services comprising Messaging, Voice, WhatsApp, and Video with features for personalized messages, OTP verification and chatbots. It lets users engage with customers easily using AI-based chatbots. 


  • Starting Price: ₹0.31  per SMS

7. Msg91


Msg91 is a cloud communication SMS bulk provider that offers services for transactional, promotional SMS and OTPs.  The platform provides full-featured APIs for users to engage with their customers. The SMS campaign is very effective for marketers as it helps them in sending free bulk SMS campaigns, managing customers and tracking campaigns.


  • For 5000 Transactional SMS –  ₹0.25 / SMS + 18% GST (India Only)
  • For 5000 SendOTP SMS –  ₹0.25 / SMS + 18% GST (India Only)

8. SMSHorizon

smshorizon Bulk SMS Provider

SMS Horizon is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in India serving start-ups, educational institutions and more. With SMSHorizon users can upload customer data in an Excel file and send SMS in bulk to individuals or groups. It has transparent pricing and caters to many messaging requirements with its powerful API integrations.


  • 5,000 SMS –  ₹1475
  • 10,000 SMS –  ₹2360
  • 25,000 SMS –  ₹5310
  • 1,00,000 SMS –  ₹17,700 

9. SpringEdge


Spring Edge SMS bulk provider is built for developers offering SMS marketing services for 2-way communication, messaging and voice communications using multiple channels, tracking SMS campaigns and getting reports. Its API offers easy to integrate options for any technology platform. The estimated delivery of messages is 2-5 seconds. 


  • Outbound Text Messaging: For 50,000 SMS- ₹ 8000

10. TextLocal

text-local Bulk SMS Provider

TextLocal is a  UK based brand SMS bulk provider which is now penetrating the Indian market with the partnership of IMI Mobile. It offers features comprising SMS campaigns, rapid notifications instant OTPs, and two-way interactions. This bulk message service platform provides API Integration that allows users to automate sending and receiving SMS from any website or application.


  • Up to 10 Messages – FREE
  • 1,000 Messages – ₹295
  • 5,000 Messages – ₹1,375
  • 50,000 Messages – ₹10,750
  • 1,00,000 Messages- ₹19,500