11 Marketing Sample Text Messages to Customers

Are you new to SMS marketing? We know how difficult it can be to create attractive text messages to entice your customers and drive sales. For that, you need to know when and how to create text messages in the best way. In this guide, we have compiled a list of marketing sample text messages to customers for different scenarios to get you started.

We have also included customer service free bulk SMS templates in this guide. You can jump to any section you like to check out the templates.

  1. SMS Marketing Templates
  • Welcome message
  • Product Guide
  • Sales and Offers
  • Sale Reminder
  • Event Invitations
  • New Product Launch
  • Special Occasions Offer
  • Polls
  1. Customer Service SMS Templates
  • Payment Update
  • Payment Reminder
  • Shipping Delay
  • Appointment Reminder

SMS Marketing Templates

While creating a marketing text message for your customer there are certain dos and don’ts and some best practices to follow to make it look perfect. In fact, in the templates given here, you can find common elements like call to action links, links to websites or any pages and name and contact details. So, while creating a message try to incorporate these elements and follow the best strategies to uplift your marketing efforts

Here are some marketing sample text messages to customers. We have also included some real promotional SMS examples along with the templates.

Welcome Message

While sending out welcome messages you can make it a little more surprising for your customers by giving them welcome or first purchase offers. This can help retain your subscribers.


Hi [customer name]. Thanks for subscribing to [website]. We have got deals for first purchases! Get [offer] by using coupon code [coupon code]. 

Here is MyGlamm’s welcome message offering free points and a cashback offer.

welcome sms

Make your customer know right away about your discount offers or limited-time deals. You can make it exclusive only for your subscribers by adding coupon codes to claim the offer.


Here is great news for you, [customer name]! We are having a [sale/offer/discount] till [the end date of the sale]. Hurry before the sale ends! [link]

Take a look at how Ajio has marketed its offer through its text SMS.

sales offer sms

Not just during the time of sale, you can let your customers know about it way before the sales start. Here is a sample template.


[Customer name], our [sale name] sale starts in 24 hours. Be ready! Explore and shop them all at [link].

Here is an example of a similar sales reminder SMS by Nykaa.

sales reminder

If you have any events coming up, show that you value your customers by sending invitations to them. Include the event details and how they can register for it. 


Hi [NAME], Celebrate with us on our [event] on [date of event]. Book your seat by contacting us at [contact number] or register here [link].

Here is an example of an event invitation.

event invitation

Image Source 

Have any product updates or new launches? Well, there is no harm in bragging about it to your customers. Here is how you can inform your customers about a new product launch.


Hey [customer name] Our most requested [product] is finally here!. Be the first one to check it out. Visit [link]

See how Shopify has made its new product announcement.

product launch

Image Source

Stay close to your customers by wishing them on special occasions and giving them exciting offers. You can do it for your customer’s birthday, subscription anniversary, special days or any occasion you feel could grab your customer’s attention. 


[customer name], it’s your birthday month! Get a 20% discount on the first 2 purchases in your birthday month. Use coupon code [coupon code]. [link]

Here is Lifestyle Stores’ way of surprising their customers with special offers.

special offer sms

Run polls and get feedback from your customers by providing them with a list of options to choose from. Here is how you can do it.


Hey [customer name], [company name] would like to know your input. Which of these [list of your products] do you purchase often?

Take a look at an example.

sms polls


Customer Service SMS Templates

If you think that bulk SMS marketing and sending bulk SMS is just about promoting your brand, you might need to rethink. Text messaging is also a great way to stay in touch with your customer and guide them in case of any issues. Check out some templates that you can use for customer service.

Payment confirmation messages are great to keep the customers informed about the status of their order.


Hi [customer name]. We have received your payment for [product] on [date]. For more details, click here [link].

Take a look at an example by Practo.

customer service sms

Payment Reminders could be a little tricky to pull off well without sounding harsh. Check out this template to see how you can do it in a gentle way.


Hi [customer name]. This is a payment reminder for [product/service] which is overdue. Please follow this link [link] to make your payment.

This is a good example by ClickSend that clearly shows a gentle payment reminder

customer service sms

Image source

In cases of shipping delays, send an SMS to your customer explaining the cause for the delay so that the customer stays informed.


Hi [customer name]. We are sorry to inform you that the delivery of your order [order number] has been delayed. We are doing our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

See how Purple has informed their customer about their shipping delay in a similar way by providing a link to track their order. 

customer service sms

Send appointment reminder messages to your customers to ensure they do not miss out on them. Make sure to add your name and contact details so that they could inform you in case they couldn’t show up.


Hi [customer name] This is a reminder to your appointment scheduled on [day] at [time]. If you wish to reschedule, please contact us at [contact number][business name]. 

Here is an example of a doctor appointment reminder.

customer service sms

Now that you have seen the most commonly used marketing sample text messages to customers and customer service samples of SMS for businesses, you can start sending bulk SMS to customers. There are many SMS bulk provider software available that can help you send automated text messages to your customers. (If you are looking for paid and free bulk SMS service providers in India, check out this blog that lists the top SMS service platforms with their pricing.)