Stay off the clock and get things done

Ever wished that your work gets done even without you moving a finger for it? Well, that’s possible with Zenys.

Create Custom Automations

Automate your tasks, follow-ups, and other activities based on specific triggers and save your time to focus on your business.

Stay connected with clients

Create email and message templates for repeated use. Send automated emails and SMS sequences and give your customers the best experience.

Follow up quickly

Schedule follow-ups and assign them to your team members automatically.

Set stage transitions

No more manually updating the sales and customer stages. Set the stage transitions for specific conditions and keep track of your customer and sales cycle.


Why should I use Zenys automation?

Zenys automation feature lets you stay focused on your business by allowing you to automate most part of your sales activities. Some of the automations you can do are scheduling follow ups, sending emails and SMS, creating tasks, assigning task and follow-ups to your team members and stage transitions.

What all automations can I create on Zenys?

You can create automated tasks, follow-ups and emails based on different criteria. You can set triggers and conditions for setting up the automation. You can also automate your customer and sales stage transitions.

Can I send emails for specific triggers?

Yes. You can set triggers for sending emails. For example, if you want to send a welcome email to a customer you can set the trigger to when a contact is added. 

Can I set the follow-up date using Zenys automation?

Of course. You can create a follow-up and set the follow-up date automatically. You can also assign the follow up to your team members.