Adding Notes

Is the thought of losing notes scary? Or do you wish to add customer specific notes that cannot be altered or deleted? We have a perfect solution. So let’s find out, how to grow your business without forgetting the baby steps.

You can add notes to:

  • Contacts
  • Sales
  • Tickets
  • Tasks and Follow up Calls

To Create Notes for a Contact

  • In the customer/contact profile, click on the “Notes” tab.
  • Fill in the details and click “Add Note”.

Similarly, you can add notes to your sales and support tickets.

To Create Notes for Follow-up Calls

  • Click on the Activities icon on the left navigation bar and select ‘Call’.
  • Click on the Edit icon on the call to which you want to add notes.
  • Enter the note in the notes field and click ‘Update’ to save the details.

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