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About Us

About Us

Helping Small Businesses Grow Faster

Our Mission

Our mission is not just to increase our bottom line. Noticing the pain points of small business owners, we came up with a purpose to empower them with an easy to use and affordable software solution that can help them grow a successful business.

Our Journey

Founded in the year 2020, we have been helping small business owners and freelancers, all over the world, manage their business. We believe that the best solutions are built based upon the user’s needs which we tried to follow while building our software. From getting new customers to tracking collections and payments, Zenys is designed with all the best features, letting small business owners focus more on their passion and what they love. This is why almost 90% of our customers are repeat customers and also who recommend our product to their friends.

Our Team

Based in Kerala, India, we’re a team of individuals who strive towards the mission to empower freelancers and small businesses. Not just our employees, every customer who signs up for our software is a part of the big Zenys family. Come, join our community!

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