7 Must Have Add Ons In Google Sheets For 2022

As an existing user of Google Sheets, you might already know that the free online spreadsheet tool is easy to use. It comes with plenty of powerful features that can save you a lot of time. However, did you know that there are even more things you can do with Google Sheet add-ons?

There are hundreds of Google add-ons and extensions that can do everything from translating your spreadsheets to creating reports. Here we provide you with 7 must-have add ons in Google Sheets for 2022 so you don’t have to wade through all these options to find what you need.

How to Install add ons in Google Sheets

The add-on can be installed by simply opening an existing or new sheet. Click on add-ons from the upper toolbar and select ‘Get add-ons’ from the drop-down menu. It will open the Google Workspace Marketplace, where you can find add-ons by searching for them or browsing through the selection. 

Click on the add-on you want to install in your Google Sheets workspace and then click on the blue ‘Install’ button. Just that simple! 

Power Tool

With Power Tools, users can get more than 30 solutions for Google Sheets tasks. It is the largest add ons in Google Sheets.

You can try Power Tools for free for 30 days. A paid plan costs $43.20 per year thereafter.

The app categorizes its tools into ten groups based on the functions they perform.

  • Data deduplication and comparison.
  • Toolbar for one-click actions
  • Text editing
  • Combine and merge sheets
  • Process data in one step
  • Has data conversion
  • Clear contents within Google Sheets by type
  • Contains Formula tools

Cloudcom SMS

Using Cloudcom SMS on Google Sheets, you can send text messages right from Sheets to your clients’ phones. Just enter their cell phone numbers in, and you can send your attendees an invite or a reminder.

You can install Cloudcom SMS from the add ons in Google Sheets by clicking the +Free button. Allow it to access your data by clicking Allow. When you sign up for an account using your Google account and download the app for the first time, you’ll receive five free text messages. 

Go to Add-ons > Cloudcom SMS > Send SMS.

  • click Select phone numbers, and then select the number you want to text.
  • Once you’ve hit Next, type in your message.
  • After composing your message, you can either send it immediately or schedule it for a specific time.
  • A delivery report can also be obtained after sending the message by clicking Delivery report. 

Add Reminders

Using Add Reminders, you can make sure you are staying on top of your workflow and being more efficient. You can schedule when you want the email notifications to be sent. 

If you wish, you can notify a single recipient or several recipients at a time. As the due date approaches, they will receive automatic email notifications, which contain information about the tasks and direct access to the spreadsheet, to facilitate collaborative work. After installing the Add Reminders:

  • Open a new document in Google Sheets.
  • From the Add-ons menu select Add Reminders.
  • Go to Set Up/Edit reminders.
  • In each column, list the tasks, dates, and email addresses.The add-on will automatically fill an empty spreadsheet, so you can just replace the information yourself.
  • Click on the Add a New Reminder button.
  • You can select options for Deadline Column, Send Reminders, Recipient Options and Email Customization.

Yet Another Mail Merge

With Yet Another Mail Merge you can automate your email marketing strategy by using Google Sheets. Here’s how it works:

  •  Create a Google Sheet and import your contacts. 
  • Next, you create a draft email in Gmail and execute the Yet Another Mail Merge extension. 
  • After that, simply click one button in Google Sheets to send an email. 
  • With Sheets, you can edit email content by using commands and personalize each email to the recipient. 

Once your emails have been sent, Yet Another Mail Merge allows you to track them in real-time within your Sheet. The Add-on lets you see who has opened your email, who has unsubscribed, who has responded, and which emails bounced. 

You can use Yet Another Mail Merge for free to send up to 50 emails per day, while paid plans start at $28 per year and include scheduled delivery and up to 400 emails per day. 

It is easy to think of Google Sheets as a simple spreadsheet tool, but the Template Gallery add-on shows you just how much more can be done. You can easily install Template Gallery from add ons in Google Sheets.

There are more than 100 templates in the Template Gallery. These templates can help you fill out calendars, create schedules, create invoices and timesheets, instant format for budgets, expense reports, or schedules. Also they provide templates Annual Business Budget, Expense Report, Purchase Order, CRM, Project Timeline and many more.

Google Sheets allows you to search for templates by keyword and copy your chosen selection. You can use Template Gallery for free. 

Translate My Sheet

The Translate My Sheet add-on is incredibly useful if you work with companies across the globe or if you run an international business.  

Translate My Sheet is the best app for translating your spreadsheet into more than 100 languages. You can quickly translate your entire sheet, or a selection of rows and columns, with just one click. All you have to do is select the language you want to translate to after the add-ons detects the source language. 

Transform My Sheet works best with smaller data sets of under 100 rows or columns, but no matter how great your Sheet is, it will get the job done.

The tool’s free edition comes with everything you need to get started. The $8 version offers infinite translations.

Form Builder

The Form Builder add ons in Google Sheets converts data from a Google Sheet to a Google Form. With that you can easily import content for the fields, questions, and answers portions of a Google Form right from Google Sheets. 

To begin using the Sheet Form Builder, click here.

  • Create a Google Sheet
  • From the menu bar, select add-on
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Sheet Form Builder.
  • To start Form Builder for Google Sheets, click the Start button. 

You may alter the settings and structure of your Google Form, reorganise data, and make quick modifications for choices such as multiple choice or dropdown menus once your material has been imported. 

With Form Builder, the first 50 imports are free, with premium options available for professional and commercial customers.

With all these above mentioned add ons in Google sheets, you can effectively manage your business by saving your extra time and efforts. These add-ons are specially designed with business and management applications to enhance the productivity.

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